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7009 Jorgensen Ln S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
United States of America


7009 Jorgensen Lane South · Cottage Grove MN · 651-769-0601

Welcome to Bonngard's Family Meats - A Local Minnesota MeatMarket (Butcher) and Deli. Bonngard’s Family Meats is a one of a kind meat market located in Cottage Grove, Minnesota that assist local families to provide easy and affordable home cooked meals. Offering not only the traditional items you would expect to find at a meatmarket, but also have the extras that really make that meal special.

Deer / Wild Game Processing

We will accept your trim. Possession Tag is required.

Custom Batches Done YEAR Round! Bring in your trim, get your own back. Items to be ordered in 10 lb increments

Standard Smoked Items

Mild Sticks (30% Shrink)    $5.39/lb
Spicy Sticks (30% Shrink)    $5.39/lb
Summer Sausage, 3 lb Stick (10% Shrink)    $3.99/lb
Garlic Summer, 3 lb Stick (10% Shrink)    $3.99/lb
Spicy Summer, 3 lb Stick (10% Shrink)    $3.99/lb
Thuringer, 3 lb Stick (10% Shrink)    $3.99/lb
Salami,  3 lb Stick (10% Shrink)    $3.99/lb
Pepperoni,  3 lb Stick (10% Shrink)    $3.99/lb
Smoked Brats (20% Shrink)    $3.89/lb
Polish Sausage (20% Shrink)    $3.89/lb
Smoked Country Sausage (20% Shrink)    $3.89/lb
Jerky - Original Whole Muscle (50% Shrink)    $8.00/lb
Jerky - Formed (50% Shrink)    $8.00/lb

Bacon      $5.00/lb

Standard Fresh Items

Bratwurst - Original    $3.39/lb
Mild/Hot Italian Sausage Bulk    $2.89/lb
Breakfast Sausage Bulk    $2.89/lb
Pork Trim    $2.99/lb
Beef Trim    $3.99/lb

Hunter's Trim Options

Trim Ground Only Bulk    $1.00/lb
Trim Ground and Wrapped    $1.49/lb

Extra Items

Cheese    $.79/lb
Jalapeños    $.79/lb
Mushrooms    $.79/lb
Maple Syrup    $1.00/lb

All Sausage is wrapped in 1 lb packs in white freezer paper.
Vacuum sealing is $.50 per pkg

Prices Subject to Change